Welcome to the Georgetown Journal of History

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A Message to the Reader,

In partnership with the Georgetown History Department and the Phi Alpha Theta Society, I am pleased to announce the creation of the Georgetown Journal of History at Georgetown University. In a city where the history of our country’s founding is interwoven into its very fabric, the Journal has the unique opportunity to produce an online publication that displays the highest-quality undergraduate historical research in the country.

As aspiring-historians, we are called to explain how we have come to live in the world we do today, a daunting but noble challenge. I invite you to do just that by working with us at the Journal. Together, we will continue the tradition of telling the world’s story, our story, by in-depth and extensive research of the past. I look forward to working with you as we begin this process of exploration and explanation, and I thank you for reading the Georgetown Journal of History.


Cole Horton

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus