Meet the Editorial Board

The Georgetown Journal of History is:

Stefan Broekhuizen

Hannah Mermin

Evanthea Hammer

Cole Horton

Jonathan Lanz

Alexandra Stafford

Tom Pattiz

Chris Dunn

Stefan Broekhuizen, Editor in Chief

Stefan Broekhuizen was born in Manhattan, New York, and currently resides in New Jersey.  He began his undergraduate studies at Georgetown University in 2017. He is currently a senior in the College majoring in history with a minor in statistics.

Hannah Mermin, Former Editor in Chief

Originally from Portland, Maine, Hannah Mermin is a senior in the College at Georgetown University where she is double majoring in French and History with a regional focus on the U.S. She loves reading and writing about history and is excited to see where her studies might lead after college.

Evanthea Hammer, Editor

Hailing from Shepherdstown, West Virginia, Evanthea Hammer is a senior in the College pursuing a double major in art history and history, and a minor in Modern Greek. She works as a research assistant to Professor Chester Gillis, and recently published an art historical work of her own. She is particularly interested in the art and history of the early 20th century. Evanthea hopes to attend law school and specialize in intellectual property law.

Cole Horton, Editor

* Cole graduated from Georgetown in 2018. During his senior spring he edited an article that is included in our Fall 2018 Edition. Here is Cole’s bio from last year:

Cole is a senior in the Walsh School of Foreign Service and a first-year in the Masters of Foreign Service program at Georgetown University.  He founded the Georgetown Journal of History in 2015, and spent the 2016-2017 academic year studying History and Politics at the University of Oxford, St. Catherine’s College.  Cole is interested in American foreign policy and law, and he is currently working on an Honors Thesis on the U.S. Supreme Court and the Political Questions Doctrine.  In his spare time, Cole enjoys running and reading, and he hopes to someday spend a year traveling the world.  He is originally from Phoenix, Arizona.

Jonathan Lanz, Editor

Jonathan is currently a senior at Georgetown University with a major in history and minor in Jewish Civilization. Originally from Jericho, New York, his research centers around Holocaust history and genocide studies. Specifically, Jonathan is interested in the sociological aspects of genocide: how ordinary men and women can commit extraordinary acts of atrocity given the right circumstances. Outside of his role as Editor-in-Chief of the Georgetown Journal of History, Jonathan works as a research assistant for Georgetown’s Center for Jewish Civilization. After graduation, Jonathan plans to pursue graduate work in modern German history.

Alexandra Stafford, Editor

*Alexandra graduated from Georgetown in 2018. During her senior spring she edited an article that is included in our Fall 2018 Edition. Here is Alexandra’s bio from last year:

Alexandra was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada and is a senior in Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. She is pursuing a major in International Politics, with a concentration in International Law, Institutions, and Ethics. Alexandra is also a member of the Center for Jewish Civilization’s certificate program. Much of Alexandra’s Georgetown coursework has been related to her interests in human rights in international relations, Holocaust history, Transitional Justice, diplomatic studies, and modern Eastern European history. Alexandra hopes to pursue a graduate degree related to International Relations and Transitional Justice.

Tom Pattiz
Tom Pattiz, Editor

Born and raised in Peachtree City, Georgia, Tom Pattiz is a junior in the College at Georgetown University pursuing a double major in History and Government. Though his interests are diverse, Tom is focusing on American History. He recently spent a year studying abroad at the University of Sydney in Australia, where he had the opportunity to take several classes from experts in Asian history. Tom loves to read, cook, and travel. In addition to Australia, he has recently spent time in China and New Zealand.

Chris Dunn, Editor

Chris is a senior in the School of Foreign Service studying American foreign policy. He is especially interested in nineteenth century American history. Aside from the Journal, he is an editor for the Georgetown Voice, the student-run newsmagazine on campus and plays on the Georgetown ultimate frisbee team. He is originally from Jamison, Pennsylvania.