Fall 2018 Edition

Constructions of Identity and Social Status: Krios in Freetown from 1885 to 1920

Author: Mary Tezak

Undergraduate Editor: Tom Pattiz

Faculty Reviewer: Geoffrey Traugh

Male Maleficium- Sex, Power, and Male Witchcraft in Early Modern Germany

Author: M. Grace Egan

Undergraduate Editor: Cole Horton

Faculty Reviewer: Amy Leonard

“Racism With Roses”: Race and Femininity in the Second Wave and the Miss America Protests of 1968

Author: Tessa Mouzourakis

Undergraduate Editor: Chris Dunn

Faculty Reviewer: Marcia Chatelain

The Brezhnev Doctrine- Interventionism and Limited Sovereignty in the Soviet Bloc

Author: Henry Silver

Undergraduate Editor: Natalia Bertuol

Faculty Reviewer: Kathleen Smith

World War I Shell Shock To Afghanistan PTSD- Changing Symptoms As a Result of a Changing Social Discourse

Author: Montana Wright

Undergraduate Editor: Evanthea Hammer

Faculty Reviewer: Michael Kazin

A Forgotten Friendship- The Byzantine Empire and the Early Bagratids

Author: Michael Goodyear

Undergraduate Editor: Stefan Broekhuizen

**No Faculty Reviewer

Editorial Contribution–The Nebulous Identities of Maurycy Gottlieb

Author: Evanthea Hammer

Undergraduate Editor: Alexandra Stafford

Faculty Reviewer: Michael Polcyznski